After School Kindness, Inc.

After School Kindness, Inc

Benefits and Tuition

Term: Month to Month (Fees have been pre-prorated according to the school calendar days off for each month. The same rate will apply for every month regardless of days off in the month.)

Tuition Due Dates: 1st of each month, if you have not communicated with the home office by the 1st we will assume your child has withdrawn from the program. There will be an additional $75 registration fee required to reinstate your child’s program. If your monthly installments are not drafted for any reason you understand you will still be liable for all payments for services once audit is complete. Please contact the office if you do not see a monthly charge on your account.

Late Pick-Up Fee: $1.00 p/minute late pick-up fee will be charged to your account for all unapproved late pick-ups after 6 pm.

Tuition Late Fees: $5.00 declined credit card fee - $30.00 additional fee if not cleared within 5 days of the due date.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel at any time with 2 weeks written or emailed notice, no cancelation fee. If there is space available and you re-enroll, there will be an additional $75 registration p/child.

Types of payments accepted: Visa, MC, Discover, AmExp, Check Debit Card Only.

Hours: After Care: Regular School Release Time to 6pm

Before Care: 6:45 am to start off school 
Early Release Days: Before Care will be available. Aftercare will not be offered unless specifically noted.

All Camps: 7 am to 6 pm

• Call for location and prices

• 15% off for additional family members (Family members must live in the same household, includes all camps). The 50% off fees for 3rd and up family members only apply to before and after care, it does not include camps due to expenses.

Special Notes:

We follow the school’s calendars to determine which days we are open. We do not operate from your school on days out or emergency closure days unless notified.

We must schedule and pay staffing two weeks in advance in the assumption your child will be there as you scheduled which is why there are no make-up days, refunds, or pro-rated discounts for days or hours missed for any reason that is not the fault of After School Kindness, Inc.

Please be aware that space is limited, if you withdraw your child from the program, there will be no guarantee that a spot will be available when you are ready to re-enroll.

After School Kindness, Inc will strive to work with all parents to make this a pleasurable experience for their family. 970-833-5494

After School Kindness, Inc Tuition Sheet

Registration Fee for all Programs is $75.00 per child: Covers both before and or after care.

2nd Added Family Members Discount is 15% off (does apply for camp fees)

3rd and up Family Member Discount is 50% off (does not applied on camp fees)

Note: Full Time after care = M-F 3-6pm (avg., times vary per school)

Full Time before care = M-F 6:45am to start of school

Days out camps = All day full time = 7am to 6pm

Non-School Days/Camp Fees = Full Time 7am to 6pm: Additional $50 Registration Fee and $50 per day. Same family member discount as stated above. All activity fees are included in your registration and daily fees.

20% Off if you prepay the entire school year for full time before and or after care. Example: After care monthly rate = $360.00 x 9.5 mos = $3420.00 – 20% = $2736.00, you save $684.00

Before care monthly rate = $216.00 x 9.5mos = $2052.00 – 20% = $1641.60

For paid in full rates: 1st and 2nd child 20% off regular rates, 3rd child and up 50% off regular rates. All sales are final if you pay in full. No refunds for any reason.

Discounted Rates for After Care: Full Time = Mon- Fri

(Regular Rates $25.00 per day)

Question: Why are my monthly installments the same rate every month when some months have fewer school days than others…Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break, etc.? Note, we discounted rates in anticipation of 5 emergency closure days for things such as snow, fire, evacuations, etc. We will not charge extra if there are not 5 closure days, that is a bonus to you.

Answer: We discount the rates averaging the number of school days per school year and discount accordingly. Each school we service will vary slightly on the number of school days per year. 970-833-5494

After School Kindness, Inc

After Care Rates-Part Time

Part-Time = Less than 5 days per week

(Regular Rates $25.00 Per Day)

Discounted Rate x Number of days per week X 4 weeks P/Mo.

Sample Chart of cost per week times (x) amount of days needed per week x 4 weeks P/Mo.

After School Drop-In Rates Per Day

1 Child----------------------------------------------------- = $25.00

2 Children $21.00 + $25.00 -------------------------- = $46.00

3 Children $12.50 + $21.50 + $25.00--------------- = $59.00

4 Children $12.50 + $12.50 + $21.00 + $25.00--- = $71.00

Office: (970) 833-5494

After School Kindness, Inc Office: 970-833-5494

Before Care Rates

Full Time Before Care = 6:45am-Start of School

Discounted Rates for Before Care: Full Time=Mon.-Fri.

(Regular Rates $14.00 per day)

Discounted Before Care Rates Part Time (less than 5 days p/wk)

Before Care Part Time Monthly Rate Chart

Before Care Drop-In Rates Per Day

1 Child --------------------------------------------------- = $18.00

1 Child on Weds. (Thompson District Only) -------= $23.00

2 Children $15.00 + $18.00 ------------------------- = $33.00

3 Children $9.00 + $15.00 + $18.00 -------------- = $42.00

4 Children $9.00 + $9.00 + $ 16.00 + $18.00---- = $52.00