After School Kindness, Inc.

Why Kindness Matters

We focus on helping adolescent children foster a feeling of compassion for one another. Compassion assists children by building stronger relationships with their peers and their teachers. Practicing empathy towards one another encourages acceptance while positioning the child to learn how to work well with others. We believe kindness, compassion, and empathy help advance great psychological well-being for a child and their future. 

Qualified Staff

- Completed Background Checks (TRAILS, FBI, CBI)

- CPR/ 1st Aide Certified

& uphold a strict Non-bullying policy 


Daily childcare and tutoring while you work.

We include snack time, outdoor play, homework time, and indoor games to keep structure in your child's routine. They can interact with other children as well as get their homework done before they get home. We aim to help boost grades as well as be an outlet for the children once school is released. 

Health Note to parents:

NOTE: After School Kindness, Inc. will be doing constant staff screenings to make sure our staff is healthy and ready to assist your children. If we see signs of sickness (COVID-19) in your household, we will participate in the right of refusal, contact you, and discuss what steps to take next so we can keep our staff and your families safe.

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Our staff will help answer any questions you have to make sure all your needs are met